Water Department


Peosta residents own the water system, consisting of 3 deep wells and 2 water towers with a total capacity of 350,000 gallons.


FrontDesk: You can create an account to view your utility billing information, complete a form, pay fees and more.   
This will offer you greater flexibility to view and pay your utility bills online. In addition, you will have options to enroll in AutoPay and receive Electronic notifications. With FrontDesk, you can look forward to being able to: 

● Pay your utility bills any time with this easy-to-use online portal. 

● 24/7 access to your account including utility usage, tracking multiple accounts, and submitting service requests. Manage your account and view usage and payment history.
 ● Enroll in AutoPay with a credit card, debit card, or ACH information to avoid late or missed payments. 
● Get emails or texts from us when your bill is ready, when a payment is scheduled, and after. 
● Update your notification settings so you can receive other important messages and notifications from us. 
● Fill out and submit forms directly online and pay associated fees. Our staff will review and process the forms – no more paper required! 

There is no cost to sign up for FrontDesk. Already enrolled in Autopay with ACH and electronic billing? All of your bank account information will be transferred to Front Desk for you and you will automatically enroll in electronic billing when you sign up for Front Desk. Sign up today by going to:  Home | gWorks - FrontDesk (

If you are having trouble registering your account-email or call City Hall at (563) 556-8755.

Water Service Line Inventory

The City of Peosta is updating its records of water service lines as a part of an Iowa DNR/State requirement. The City needs your help to identify private service line material. Please print out the document below or fill out the questions below the document.

Water Service Line Inventory (


An unusually high-water bill can be caused by a leak or change in water use. Check out the PDF below for tips on checking to see why your water bill may have spiked.

Need your water service turned off?

Please contact City Hall to set up or have water service turned off.  A two-week notice is appreciated. Call us at the number below or fill out the Move In/Move Out form online. 



A breakdown of water rates for residents and commercial use.



plus a flat rate of $21.23

Customers outside the City limits shall pay 150% of the current rates that City residents pay. (Thunder Ridge)

Flat fee of $31.86

$0.00443096 per gallon

Commercial / Industrial


plus a flat rate of $21.23 per month.

More than 20,001 or more gallons:
$77.48 / Month

Bulk Water Sales

.00852749/ gallon

plus a $50 setup fee per month.

Contact City Hall if you wish to purchase bulk water to set up service. Please call us at 563-556-8755

Public Works Staff

Contact the City of Peosta Public Works Department.

Dean Ludwig
Dean Ludwig
Public Works Director
Matt Hefel
Matt Hefel
Water/Wastewater Supervisor
Brennan Booth
Brennan Booth
Public Works