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Kelly Oaks Park Development


Our funding goal for the Kelly Oaks Park Development is $1.3 Million.

When fully complete, this park will offer 15 acres of passive recreation in Peosta.

How our financial goals fund this project:

$ 140,000

Engineering, Tree Removal, Storm Drains

$ 230,000

Playground Structure- Purchased

$ 310,000

Phase 1- Park Lot Construction

$ 500,000

Walking Trail - Summer 2024

$ 590,000

Finish Playground - September 2024

$ 1.1 Million


$ 1.3 Million

Finish Parking Lot


Goal: $1.3 Million

Kelly Oaks Park will be closed starting September 18th due to construction.

The Kelly Oaks Park is a community project that is a venue to bring residents together as a community.

The goals of the projects are to build a structure that creates a community identity, is a centerpiece for the city, is a visible presence in the community main stream, is sustainable, improves space needs issues and adds cultural opportunities to our park system.

  • Greenways with trails
  • Passive natural areas
  • Pavilions and gathering areas
  • Natural playscape
  • Playgrounds
  • Walking/Running Trail

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Peosta disc golf
Kelly Oaks Park Development

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Stacey Bauer
Stacey Bauer
Community Centre Executive Director

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