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Before You Build

Peosta City Building Code

All permits must be submitted online. Contractors and homeowners will need to create a FrontDesk account HERE. City Hall staff will approve applications once they are submitted through FrontDesk. Payments can then be made online though FrontDesk.  Please email once permit is submitted through FrontDesk. 

The City of Peosta implemented a Building Code requiring permits for any building, electrical, mechanical or plumbing work.

These permits must be obtained before starting any work.  This includes new construction, wood decks, roofs, additions, garages, structural repairs; i.e. foundations, walls, headers, beams, joists and rafters and interior remodeling involving drywall, moving/building of walls and doors etc.  This list is not all inclusive, if you have questions, please contact City Hall during regular business hours at (563)556-8755.

Inspections are required for all building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work performed.  Peosta has contracted with ECIA (East Central Intergovernmental Association) to perform these inspections.  All work must comply with the codes indicated in the Peosta building code. Ordinances adopting the building code are in the Ordinance section of the website.

The City of Peosta follows the below codes.

General Building:

2015 IBC (International Building Code)

2015 IRC (International Residential Code) for Single and Two-Family Dwellings


2020 NEC (National Electrical Code)


2021 UPC (Uniform Plumbing Code)

Mechanical (HVAC)

2021 IMC (International Mechanical Code)

Contractor Permits

CONTRACTORS-Permits can be filled out online through FrontDesk. Sign up for a FrontDesk account today.  

Mobile Food Vendor Permits

Mobile Food Permit-Please submit applications through FrontDesk

Mobile Food Vendor Permits that are active are listed below: 

Myson's Tacos and Burritos LLC (expires August 11, 2024)
Howling BBQ (expires August 28, 2024)
Judy's (expires August 28, 2024)
Dingers D'Lites (expires August 28, 2024)
That 1 Place (bean) (expires January 3, 2025)
The Hangry Hobo LLC (expires January 25th, 2025)
Birds.Fried Chicken (expires January 31st, 2025)
Versus (expires April 9, 2025)
Adobos Mexican Grill (expires April 12, 2025)
Pulido's Tacos (expires April 25, 2025)
Rockin 5K BBQ (July 8, 2025)

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