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Monday, July 22
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Monday, July 22
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Featured Fitness Class
Monday, July 22
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Featured Fitness Class
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Fitness & Wellness

Enjoy our workout facility and walking track, join a group class, or rent the facility.


You can now reserve your spot for our simulator today.  Click Here.  

Must be a member to reserve the facility.  

Max 4 people

Sports include: Golf, Pitching, Quarterback, Field Goal Frenzy, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, Footgolf, Disc Golf, Bowlding, and Dodgeball.  

Fee: $10/hr (plus fees), max 2 hours (If any of your 3 guests are nonmembers, they will need to pay our $10 day pass rate.) 

Walking Track

Our walking track has three lanes, with the inside lane designated for walkers and the outside lane for runners.  

10 laps equals 1 mile in distance.

13 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Fitness Room

The fitness rooms feature spin bikes, punching bags, dumbbells, bands, and a TV.  

Rooms are utilized for Peosta Community Centre classes, when classes aren’t in session the room can be utilized by anyone over the age of 16.  

Gym-Main Court

Our main court contains 6 basketball hoops and 2 racquetball courts which are available every day throughout the year. 

Courts will not be available whenever we host tournaments however. 

After 5 p.m. basketball games are limited to 1 basket per group.   

Gym-Back Court

Members can reserve the court 2 weeks in advance, non-members can reserve the court 1 week in advance for up to 1.5 hours.  

The court can be used for basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, and baseball/softball.  

Batting Cage

The batting cage contains both a softball and baseball pitching machine upon request. 

We have limited baseball equipment here for your use; you are welcome to bring your own equipment as well. 

13 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Weight Room

The weight room features cardiovascular fitness equipment including treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, ellipticals, climb mill, and rower.  There are also weight stations and free weight areas which have benches and dumbbells. 

11 years old and under are prohibited. 12-14 years old must be accompanied by adult.

Racquetball Court

Come play a fun and exciting calorie burning game of racquetball! 

There is one racquetball court located north of the basketball courts. 

We have limited equipment for your use; you are also welcome to bring your own equipment.   

13 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Group Exercise

Find the right fitness class for your lifestyle.

Most fitness classes are free for members!

All members must bring their own mats to our fitness classes. Class instructors may change without notice. Cancellations will be noted via social media as soon as possible.

There are limited spaces available for spin group exercise, you must enroll to reserve your spot! 

Available Fitness Classes EXPAND

Bike Bootcamp/Spin- Designed for all fitness levels.  Bike bootcamp mixes heart pumping cardio with strength training intervals.  

Crush & Shred Conditioning Bootcamp- This workout is all about getting the heart rate up and sculpting a stronger you!  Workouts will include high intensity drills and strength intervals.  Workouts can be modified so all fitness levels are welcome.  

GET FIT  - A fun, total body workout taught in a positive, energizing environment.  Keep your heart healthy with toning and conditioning and improve your coordination with flexibility, and balance routines.  Coming back soon!

Spin Master Class - Do an early morning 40-minute spin ride to start your weekend! 

Spin/Strength- Combines classic spin intervals with targeted strength moves for your arms, chest, back, and shoulders transforming your ride into a total body workout. 

Strength Training - Start your morning off with a high intensity workout followed by a cool down with a stretch.  

Total Body Blast - Quick and dirty 45 minute class using AMRAP, TABATA, and HIIT to make you sweat, build lean muscle, and reach your fitness goals.

Register for a spin class online.

See all spin classes available at the Peosta Community Centre. You must enroll and register for spin classes to attend. 

Register For a Class

Community Centre fitness facility rentals.

We offer, Batting Cages, Indoor Golf, Volleyball/Tennis Court, Kid Zone, and Racquetball. See facility availability and reserve at the link below.

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Stacey Bauer
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Welcome to the Peosta Community Centre. We are located in northeast Iowa just off of Highway 20, 12 miles west of Dubuque, Iowa.

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